I was getting a massage the other day and after 45 minutes of silence, the massuse starts on my neck. She asks, “Do you feel that?” Sure enough I did. I was stiff on the left side and had a massive knot – no matter how hard I tried to release the tension. Dr. Currie sat me down and did a whole evaluation, and now after 2 visits my neck and back have FAR more range of motion than a week ago.

Just yesterday I one of my best basketball games in recent history = I was 5 for 8 from the 3-point line. I really believe when your spine is aligned, your shoot is aligned. Good adjustments make ALL the difference.

So so, grateful! Thanks, Doc.

I just stopped by Dr. Currie’s office this morning for an adjustment. I actually feel pretty good but wanted to get what I would call a “tune-up”. I have found that I am so much healthier if I take care of myself before getting sick or having my neck or back get stiff. And getting my “tune-up” adjustments have helped me so much!

Dr. Currie checked my antioxidant score and I was up to an all time high of 68,018, it sure pays to be on LifePak Nano and G3!

I’m glad I can get adjusted as I need and keep my body “tuned-up”!

Nancy S.
August 6, 2012

You're the best doctor around. Without a doubt!

April 2017

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